Pro Dive Chorvńtsko 

History of the centre



"Priščapac Diving Center" is based on place, which atracted divers since begin of scuba diving in Dalmatia. The small stone house on Priščapac peninsula hosted in his 25 years history many generations of diving hobbiest as well as organized divers.





The first in our stone house, which is currently Diving Centre where the french divers. Local people are not talking very nice about them. They took a great amount of amphoras from the north part of island Sridnjak. We also found the wreck of greek vessel with rest of ceramic.




They were changed with domestic divers, hunting fish in Prišćapac area and nearby Island. Its a rumour - the spearfishing was not only on breathholding method, but...... they were times.



The next inhabitant was the legendary croatian diver Tonči Najev and his team. He was a fan of deepdiving on air. To his extreamly habits belonged dives under 100 meter in caves....




We come in the year 2006. After our predecessor we found in the centre funny pricelists, shells an uncredibly gorgeous water cooled compressor for tank filling. From that point we are trying to cultivate the center. But not to much - it will lose his charm! Come to see us and ascertain yourself...




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