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József Zelenák


Jozsef is diving more then 20 years. His master degree he achieved on Technical University of Budapest with specialty on shipment engeneering. Currently he is a chairman of hungarian diving instructors by CMAS Hungary and a member of her board of directors.


As an active dive leader he is a member of CMAS, TDI/SDI, DAN a MBSZ. He holds the folowing instructor qualifications:

- CMAS ***Instructor Trainer

- SDI Scuba Instructor Trainer

- TDI Trimix Instructor Trainer

He is author of the "Nitrox Diver manual, 2003" in hungarian language. Jozsef translated and corrected European norm about diving, he conducted the "Rules and safety procedures Instructions of diving in hungarian caves. He is contributing to many hungarian magazines.

He is interested in technical and mixed gas diving since the year 2001. The highest diving education he achieved by CMAS and TDI Cave Diving Instructor.

Beside aproximately 4.000 registered recreational dives, he has under his belt at least 2.500 cave and extrem mixed gas dives. The top of his carieer is his participation in Project of exploration of geothermal cave systema of Molnar Janos cave in Budapest. He was one of her first explorers and later guides.

He was member, initiator and leader of many diving projects and expeditions. Currently he is the courses coordinator of Prišćapac Diving Centre on Korčula (Croatia) and Easy Divers (Hungary), main service technician in Abyss (Budapest), Croatia along with function in international structures of CMAS, specialy in technical comitee.

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