Prižba is 20 km away from Vela Luka and 15 km from Blato. The settlement Prižba at the coast consist from several smaller bays. Is enclosed by two peninsulas. In the west it is Ratak and east Prišćapac. The settlement is actually between them along the coast with many small bays (Podjamje, Dance, Mala and Velika Prižba) to a length of about five kilometers. Our houses on the east side of Prižba directly on the beach close to the peninsula Prišćapac.



On both sides of the peninsula of Ratak are pebble beaches. There are campsites, cafes and restaurants and food. On the peninsula is a monastery Daughters of Charity, in which he resides Mass on Sundays during the summer months. In Prižba you can rent a motorboat and discover the beauty of the nearby islands a few hundred meters distant on the coast. These are uninhabited islands Vrhovnjak, Sritnjak, Crklica a Stupa with many places for sunbathing and swimming.



Its location allows Prižba relaxation and relief of mind in the bosom of the true nature. Our visitors can expect a relaxed stay in the countryside, away from the noise of cities with a real Mediterranean atmosphere. Its surroundings, covered with evergreen trees, issuing yearly incredible smell of resin is balm for body and soul man sick with the rigors of city.

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