The Island Korčula has many agrotourism establishments that offer traditional dishes served in an authentic surrounding. We believe that you will find something you like. We have good experience with following service providers and the specialities they are offering.




Potirna is the picturesque village at the very West of the island. The agrotourism Potirna is filled with the intoxicationg smells of lavender and rosemary. The old stone house is surrounded with vineyards and olives. Here, you can literary hear the „sound of silence“. The relax, peace and homemade food from homemade ingredients. Our recommendation: adriatic calamary.
Owner: Ivica Franulović; Tel.: 020 /865-001


Mala Kapja

On the main island road from Blato to Korčula there is the large estate of the Tulić family. For centuries this family owns the farm and will be happy to show you around and explain you everything about growing cattle, and if you want you can also feed it. There are horses for you to ride, too. The menu offers mostly meat dishes, „pršut“ (homemade smoked ham), “meso pod peku” (meat roasted on the fireplace under the special dish called “peka“), spit-roasted meat and of course, homemade bread. Our recommendation: spit-roasted lamb
Owner: Franko Tulić; Tel.: 020/ 851-833, 091/ 554 1011



On the road from Blato to Prigradica there are beautiful Hrastovice where Perić family has their agrotourism. It is the family of fisherman and they always offer various fresh fish. Add “kupus na tabak” (collard greens cut into stripes, boiled and seasoned with olive oil) and you can truly enjoy homemade, autochthonous food that will thrill all your senses.
Our recommendation: hobotnica pod peku (the octopuss roasted under the special dish called “peka“ on the fireplace)
Owner: Mladenko Perić; Tel.: 020 /841-054

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