Pro Dive Chorvńtsko 

History of the Island


The evidence, from presence of the settlement of the island, even in paleolit was found and excavations of caves "Vela špilja" on the southwest side of the island. The results of archaeological excavations indicate the presence of Homo sapiens longer periods of 20,000 years BC.



The explorations continued to this day. Also other authors mention oIsland Korčula:

- "Periplus" (Skylak from Karijande) - from IV. century BC.
- "Perigesis" (Pseudo Skimnos) - from II. century BC.
- Strabo - year 180 BC
- Livija - 57-17 g.p.n.l.
- Plinije Secundo - from thr years 23-29.
- Apian, Claudius Ptolomej - from the second century.
- "De imperio administrando" (Constantin Porphyrogenitus) - years 948-952.
- "Le vite da i dogi (Marin Sanudo) - from the year 1010
- "Cronicon anonymum marcianum" - XIV century. itd.



The so-called Korčuliansky statute of 1214, is probably one of the oldest modern European laws enshrined in writing.

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