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Natural conditions


This mountainous island is overgrown with rich vegetation and is considered one of the greenest Adriatic islands. It is recognized ecological paradise in the Mediterranean. It covers hundreds of species of fragrant Mediterranean vegetation and dense forests, according to which in the past was named Korkyra Melania (Black Korčula).



One of the most common plant species on the island is the Holly Oak (Quercus ilex), which served for centuries as the base material for Korčula dockyards. Olive trees and trees with tropical fruits are not only natural beauties, but also an economic resource for the islanders.



Korčula with his natural resources and various shores belongs to the most beautiful mediterranian islands. His beaches are 182 km long and decorated with 48 islands, 195 bays and many capes. Mild Mediterranean climate allows relaxation throughout the whole year. A refreshing summer wind, Mistral, reduces heat and offers ideal conditions for sailing and windsurfing. The average January temperature never drops below 9.8 ° C and in July rises never above 26.9 ° C.

Average monthly temperatures in o Celsius
Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun  
9.2 9.2 10.8 14.2 18.2 22.1  
Jul Aug Sep Okt Nov Dec Anualy average
24.5 24.5 21.4 17.5 13.6 11.2 16.4


Korčula has in year approximately round 3 000 hours sunshine. His terrain made mostly by limestone is lifting to the height up to 500 metres. The highest point is Klupca with 568 metres above the sea level. On shore and by islands are magnificent gravel beaches.

Average of sunshine hours, messured on Korčula by daylight from sunrise to sunset
Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun  
3.4 5.4 5.3 6.9 8.8 10.4  
Jul Aug Sep Okt Nov Dec Anualy average
12.2 12.0 9.2 6.0 2.9 2.2 7.0


The sea water temperatures enabling swimming and bathing on Korčula from April until end of octobre.

Average water temperature in o Celsius
Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Okt Nov Dec
14.3 13.6 13.7 15 18.6 21.5 23.8 23.2 22.5 20.9 18.3 16.7


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