Ancer Wall (Prišćapac)


Position: shore dive, directly from the Diving centre at Priščapac

Depth: 1 - 33 metres

Attractions: wall, at the foot of which there are 2 more hundred years old anchors



Dive logically begins on the east side of the neck of the Prišćapac peninsula. We enter either "beach" way, or for those who want to take a shortcut into the abyss, there is a possibility of jumping off the pier or less adrenaline way down the ladder.

After we gradually take on depth, we will pass at a depth of about 6 meters by a significant rock, which we named for its shape "Indians nose". Behind him we are descending in tothe depth. In 13 meters we cross (for the first time) sewer pipe which draws on the bottom of the sea sewage from our hotel complex. After our divemaster quite illogically swimms through the "Neptune grass", we will be sudenly on the horizon edge of the first wall, which holds the name "Secret Wall". This section of the wall surrounding the peninsula goes to the bottom at a depth of 28 meters. The wall has a plurality of holes from which to us stare beard cod, often on the buttom of the wall. In the biggest hole is triumphantly as on the throne sitting a gigantic worm.



At the lower edge of the wall we meet again the sewer pipe, which extends from the vertical wall of relatively sharp bends on the sandy subsoil, which also disappears in depth. This is where there is a significant hole in the wall often inhabited by predatory fish species.
Our dive continues in a part often called "Amphitheatre" where the landscape with its character reminds perspective. Stepped structure and as well as the natural curvature of the wall, actually resemble theatrical audit.

After overcoming it, is around the corner waiting to us a terraced wall, at the foot of which are laying 2 boat anchor. We are little bit of the dispute between the period which they originated. More massive of them is at a depth of 31 meters a second, more subtle at a depth of 33 meters. They look very gracefully with its length, significantly exceeding the diver lenght with fins. Their metal surface is naturally overgrown with fungus and all colors and sponges.

Taking pictures of the anchors usually ends up deep dive portion of the wall on our home reef. Zigzag manner we will then browse over the rocky wall about the anchors. With the gradual progression into shallower water, we will look over several sections perpendicular walls. Often we face here a crayfish and other creatures.



The edge of the wall is at a depth of about 18 meters in the section entitled "Gardens". The quantities of fish, especially Croatian called: Frater, Sarag and others are gliding underwater like a flock of pigeons somewhere in the city park between the trees. Just lie down in algae and seagrass and watch fascinating theater around you.

The dive is held further on the south-east side of the peninsula in shallow water untill you reach the proper depth for safety stop. We will ascent in close proximity to our diving centre in Prišćapac.

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