Night Dive (Prišćapac)


Position: shore dive, directly from the Diving centre at Priščapaci

Depth: 1 - 18 metres

Attractions: adriatic coastal fauna and flora



There are several reasons for diving at night :
- To recognize already known place in other light conditions
- Observe animals that are hunting in the dark of the night,
- See the world submerged in more colored tones than during the day,
- Experience a little more excitement under water ...

But we can safely add the bioluminescence, more privacy in dives without stress and other. The best time of entry into the water is 20 minutes after sunset, which is for fish and other animals the border between day and night.



Night dive at Prišćapac will undergo from the base on the eastern side of the peninsula. Throughout the day the powerboats, jetskies, children and even divers swirl the water, scrape the pebbles and stones, resulting in many natural food for many aquatic realm representatives who come at night to feed the bay. Therefore, during the entire dive we don´t leave the bay. In addition, because of the Pizzeria and and pavement lights, is the navigation during the night dives very simple.

And what should we look? First of all the whole dive will be as colorful and livelier. Artificial light of our lamps will restore the real colors of fish, worms, fungi, shellfish. So suddenly we will see under water red, orange or pink. Because of the physical properties of water, we often can not even see that during the day.



Almost under every stone we will see some creatures. From cephalopod family we will see a few pieces of Octopus vulgaris (our normal octopus) but also Octopus Macropus (not just a good looking fish). At night, unlike the daily sunshine are the chances of seeing the cuttlefish and squid increased enormously!

From arthropods our attention not miss a hermit crab who in their shell bear one or more fire anemone, which defeat him against predators. They are travelling on shell - beautiful symbiosis!

And we're on predators. Firstly gracefully floating eels. Although they look like snakes but they are fish, plus skilled hunters. Like their distant relatives looking menacing moray eels. During the day we see the matter in the holes, but at night, by hunting they are often swimming out.

Do not forget to look not only to the bottom, but point your flashlight beam upwards too. You'll see the shimmer of thousands of fishes stunning metallic glare. You will probably also be less afraid and swimm closer to you, to see what special creature of whom are in regular intervals comming bubbles you are.

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