Penninsula (Prišćapac)


Position: shore dive, directly from the Diving centre at Priščapac

Depth: 1 - 18 metres

Attractions: adriatic coastal fauna and flora



The dive we recommend to start rather from eastern than the western side of the peninsula. Entry to the water is easy - from the beach, with large rocks at the shore. They will help your putting on the strap fins. The peninsula itself is indeed possible to circumnavigate for 15-20 min. This would be a pity, because the bottom and shores are dwelling places of interesting species of fish and other animals that are worth exploring. To a more observant diver in view of the generally warm and shallow water will easily happen that his circumnavigation of the peninsula extends even for 50-60 min.

It does not make sense to rush too quickly out of the bay, pertaining to the hotel beach. The constant movement of swimmers, diver from the pier, the prevalence of divers and swirling water for engines of small boats from the local rental vessels make the bottom bays attractive for squid, cuttlefish, sea bass and other creatures lusting after food. Often is enough just slowly submerging, gently moving the legs, good watch for what moves on the bottom.



After we leave the safety of the bay, it brings us to the mouth of the open sea. Worth observing here, are rocks standing at a minimum, only 0.5 meters deep. Their sharp edges, spacing, along with vertical ribbing are strongly resembling "Shark Teeths". But it is not just about appearance - in the cavities between the "teeth" glide thermophilic shoals of small fishes.

If you deflect from the jaws towards the depth, you will be circumnavigating a cliff (about 6 m depth). We have for their characteristic shape called it "Indians nose". The best view of it is from the north, from which it is clear where come to his name from. Not far from there, little bit shallow is another distinctive cliff in a depth of only 5 meters. For a couple of years is occupied by about 3 kilogram heavy Garupa. True, you can only see it during the day, when resting in their dens. At night the fish walks around somewhere .....

Dive continues over deep cuts perpendicularly stretching to the peninsula in direction the open water. It can be easily fit into them and observe small macrocosm. You easily forget the world up there.



A special place of our dive around the peninsula Prišćapac is entering into a "canyon". This is a big rock prolapse caused by prolonged erosion by wind and waves. Every year in winter are those of the peninsula whipped by winds southwards to him slowly but surely erode. The canyon is of 6 meters wide and twice as long. On the day a few rocks (probably breakaway from the cliff above it), and cracks that go into massive bank. In particular, swimming out from a "canyon", with the afternoon sun in the back is a nice visual experience, with many shades of green, blue and turquoise.

We should not forget to move more towards the sea to our fraudulent "Garden". It is here that many fish that are thrust out and prowl the back as well as a group of girls at summer pool.

After what you rich the southwest part of the peninsula, your eyes will certainly deliver group as artificially constructed shape of 8 rocks. Robert named them "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs." However, more national feelings he expressed in naming of another rock around which you will diving by peninsula . For its shape he called him "King Matias hat". But of course our Hungarian dive guides are to continue name it “Matyás király kalapja” ... .. Do not forget to look around at his surroundings and towards the surface. In summer, almost certainly you will saw a few near the surface hectic floating sea needles.

The peaceful dive continuing is already disturbed only by group artificially spilled rocks, forming in the depth of 5 m small hillock. We are annually building a four symmetrically erect towers from rocks . They represent the dominant building from hometown their builder - "The Bratislava Castle".

End of the dive is just a few fin kicks. But do not rush. For the west side of the bay in the vicinity of the peninsula applies the same, as for the east side. The winner is the one who knows how to look closely.

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