Gorgonia Wall (Vrhovnjak)


Position: only 0.7 Nm from diving center in Prišćapac

Depth: 35+ metres, very deep dive !

Attractions: valley údolie flanked by two sloping walls



Less then nautical mile from our center is the island Vrhovnjak. We used to dive at the south side, or on place called Gorgonian Wall - Wall at the eastern extremity of the island.

Underwater there begins a gigantic hillside, dotted with tufts of gorgonians. Just fans of these animals, rather resembling plants, give this place a magical atmosphere that evokes aliens touch.



But every coin has two sides, as well as our location Gorgonians walls has its dark side. The disadvantage of the place and the reason for it is most recreational divers will never see it, is the depth. The valley begins in 37-38 meters and extends to 50 plus meters deep. This makes the site destined for very experienced divers, able to safely move on the boundary depths of around 40 meters.

Quite a different spirit has this place for fans of technical diving, deep divers they can handle the artificial gas mixtures. They can stay longer and deeper on the wall and have fun searching for lobsters, crawfish, Mediterranean cods and giant snails.



Orientation on the site is simple, when the descent just follow the line of the central axis of the east side of the island. In the beginning, it has the shape of valley to the depth. At 38 m it change to a dextrorotary wall.

The ascent back, can therefore start at any time progressing to a lesser depth, proximity to the shore when greatly simplifies the implementation of staged decompression. Swimming to the boat, usually anchored to the cape of the island will entertaint you really rich nursery fish that come here to the islands cap for supplementation.

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