Lost City (Otočac)


Position: only 3 minutes by boat from the base

Depth: 3 – 5 m

Attractions: Atmosphere of fabled Atlantis



Area called Lost City is on the eastern side of the island Otočac. Southern and south-eastern winds in winter formed in the recent one hundred years a bizarre rocky structures ond the shore of the island. As the island seems on dry land is the same even underwater. It creates a bottom full of canyons, towers, tunnels or holes. Careful observer create the atmosphere of forgotten, or in the past Lost City.

One of the canyons even allows, even after several tens of meters swimming along the surface (or underwater), emerge inside the island. The atmosphere thus closely resembles a scene from one of Jules Verne's novel into a movie, what were Mysterious Island, or Two years holidays.

Next the canyon bottom has formed a round stone, as if there someone poured truck full of gravel. Another surprise is when you suddenly appear on the bank of a level of pit-shaped crater at the bottom of the can vertical plunge.

During the dive, we will several times passing through narrow cracks, broad precisely for a diver. Therefore we will use the method, when the Divemaster will lead and then the divers one by one as the Indians on the battlefield sidewalk.



The dive is in principle very shallow and therefore suitable for beginners. And they can play hide and seek and the bonding process between the towers or imaginary remains of The Lost City can fully enjoy the atmosphere of the fabled Atlantis.

"Lost City" as we call this place is proof, that depth does not have to be the deciding factor in determining the beauty and interesting dive.


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