Weather whims in Prišćapac



As in the whole world, even in our neighborhood of Prišćapac peninsula has the weather various images. But do not worry, in the summer, in this part of the Adriatic is extraordinery stable weather.


Sunset in the bay


Yugo is a strong wind from south-south-east. Resulting in an increase of moist and warm air. In summer is usually not blowing more than 2-3 days.


Heavy rainy clouds over Morkan - hill towering over our apartments.


Sunrise at sea. In the foreground island "Otočac".


Typical summer weather. Warm, dry, sunny.


Double rainbow looking at lying to the south of the island Lastovo.


Highlighted by orange-red component of light in the air just after summer rain.


When the rain in Prišćapac is pouring.


And another of the color palette of nature

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