Pro Dive Chorvńtsko 

Informations for motorists


The driver must have a valid driver's license, certificate of roadworthiness and so called 'green card. Speed Limits on Croatian roads are:

  • closed community = 50 km/h
  • outside the village = 80 km/h
  • higway sections = 130 km/h



Beware of alcohol in the blood! Unlike in the past, consumption of alcohol for driving a motor vehicle is strictly prohibited. Positive findings in 0.5 blood alcohol faces a fine of 1,500 kuna; 0.5 to 1.5 roughly 2,500 Kuna and over 1.5 per mille is fine in the amount of 4,000 kuna to the current loss of driving license!

Alsou prohibited is using cellulars while driving.

Road Assistance provided by HAK (Croatian auto-moto-club) .... telephone 987


Other important numbers are:

Police – 92
hFire brigade – 93
EMS - 94

If there is an accident damaged car, it is necessary to call the police on the number 92. They will prepare an accident report. Without this certification would damage the vehicle might not be on his way back to his homeland discharged from the Republic of Croatia.

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