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Operator of the centre on Korčula


Podmorje d.o.o. company

The "Prišćapac Diving Center", we are running through our in Croatia registered company Podmorje Putnička agencija d.o.o. This limited liability company, was established in the year 2003. Initially we focused mainly leasing and organizing diving safaris on oldtime wood ships. Since 2006 we settled on Prišćapac peninsula and operating diving base from the shore.



Our mission


The both owners of Podmorje, Robert and József are actively working in the center. This ensures, they have enough motivation and naturaly interest for comfort, respectively satisfaction of center visitors.

From the beginning we tried to build a small and cozy base. Diving with us takes place in a relaxed, intimate atmosphere, in contrast to the mammoth centers of tropical destinations. We are talking to our guests on first name bases and also spending times outside the diving.



Permission, concession, licences

All the activities that we perform in Prišćapac on Korčula are legal and in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Croatia. Podmorje - Our Company Limited is a legal entity that is registered in the commercial register of activities undertaken.



To organize diving trips we had to get the approval of local authorities, concession and a number of other permits. Our dive guide not only have a valid license but orderly manner acquired Divemaster Diving Logs.

The centre that we operate, we have a sort of "technical certificate", which is the highest rating level, possible obtained in the Republic of Croatia. The boats of which we will ride to the diving sites passed a detailed inspections and ended with appropriate certificates



All manipulations with compressor, industrial gases and high-pressure tanks carried our by persons duly instructed and with a valid certificate for this activity.


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