Introductory dive - Discover diving

For future fans of diving, our Diving centre offers a wide range of entry programs. From Freediving course (Skin Diver) through Introductory dives (Discover Scuba) to the partial training in the use of diving apparatus (Scuba Diver).



Our mission

We think, for yet "not oriented" future diver, is the best choice to atended a program, which between us we familiarly call " Introdive". This in our language strange expression is derived from English word intro (= entry, start, introduce ...). Even our aim will be to introduce him diving and underwater world. Along with some of our Instructor he will dive for 20 min in a depth of about 3 meters.

The whole program taks 1-1.5 hour time, consisting of a theoretical introduction, selection and asambling of equipment and the dive. The diving goes from safety reason to the depth of 4 m, and 20 min. The program is not limited by age - so we are often escorting even active seniors! It will be a honour to get underwater your kids




At the very beginning the diver will be asked to complete a short form with some personal information. This will include a Declaration of Health (Medical History). With his signature, he will exclude certain medical restrictions incompatible with scuba diving. In matter of facts, the individual must have healthly heart, lungs, brain and be out of metabolic disorders.



To the immersion into the Silent World will precede instruction on dry land. We will explain to the future diver the main principles of safe movement under water. Be aware of which consists the scuba apparatus and how it is used. Teach him to compensate the pressure in the middle ears cavity and explain the basics of correct breathing pattern. Last but not least, some of the diving signals, as it is not possible talk under water.




Water entry

Gearing starts with putting the neoprene suit on, which will protect the individual from the cold but also against potential bruises or other injuries underwater. They will enter the water from shore by wading. With the Instructor help, he or she will put the scuba apparatus on the back. Then the diving mask and fins. The whole equipment will be rechecked by the Instructor.


On the surface

Divers in water with the instructor will first learn proper breathing techniques. They will together repete the technique for ears pressure equilizing. Next they continue swimming while breathing from the device.




Under water

After descending will be his Instructor with him/her in constant physical contact. With one hand he will hold the tankvalve and with other control the buttons of vest inflation mechanism. During the dive, the diver will be able to focus on the aquatic world around them.


What experiences

In addition to the unforgettable experience of breathing underwater they will enjoy the amazing feeling of weightlessness, which provides diving. They will see the various representatives of marine fauna such as colored species of fungi and invertebrates, fish of various shapes and sizes. Under the rocks will hide worms and slowly crawling starfish. With a little luck even and octopus, threatening changing the color of the surface of his body.


What to not forget

It is recommended that the diver bring along sport swimsuit (so called bermudas are less suited to neoprene) towel and beach shoes. If you want to have your experience and immortalized, you should invite your family members equipped with cameras. Its a good idea to leave home jewels, necklease etc. And smart is to come for diving without make-up and bad mood.


How to proceed

Maybe the diving experience from underwaterr will be so powerful, that they will want to repeat it. There is an opportunity for a second intro dive on the same day at a discounted price. Another option is passing the ordinary course of diving, completed with an international certificate. It takes 3-4 days and consists of 5 theoretical and 8 practical lessons.


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