Shallow Water Diver Course

For those interested in diving courses, we organize an initial training program for children and adults called "Shallow Water Diver". This is the next forward that naturally complements and develops the program of "Introductory DIving". The participants will get at least 2 theoretical lessons and 2 dives in the real diving environment.



The training is designed in a way to provide its participants the opportunity to acquire the necessary experience to secure the implementation of open water dives. Let us mention at least the buoyancy skills, proper balance, protecting the aquatic environment, asambling and maintenance of scuba equipment and proper dive planning . It also includes the necessary knowledges about gear, physiology and aquatic environment. It is the key to discovering dive sites around the world but also in their own backyard.



Successful graduate of this course can then dive accompanied by diving professional, Divemaster or Instructor. Of course he/she can at any time complete a proper diving course, which is the qualification "Open Water Diver". See also "courses pricelist ".





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