Recreational equipment


Diving Centre Prišćapac is equipped with a set of standard 12-liter tanks and at least with ton of lead. Upon request, we will provide to you highcapacity 15-liter bottles. For children and basic courses we use the 7 (or 10)- liters tanks. See also "equipment rental pricelist ".



Our rental offers diving branded goods of the highest quality. Represented here are manufacturers of famous brands which include: SPIRO from France, british APEKS, BARE from Canada, italian companies TECHNISUB and SEAC. The American producers DEEP SEA, SEA QUEST and ZEAGLE.. Diving and outdoor equipment represents a Finnish SUUNTO and LIQUIVISION from Canada.



We can dress our guests in to 5 mm suits. The 3 mm are mainly used for Entry levels diving programs. At the same time we are pronounceing, that our guest is entering the water at all times with light and dive computer.

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