Mesto Korčula


At the eastern cape island Korčula is a beutiful town, which is by many people to corsae Bonifacio or they call it „small Dubrovnik“. The beuty of the sea and bays reflects in this city in full power. If you could see the town from bird perspective, it is looking like fish bone. Middle age town, rounded with city walls and towers was build by stonecutters in 14.,15., and 16 century. The biggiest of them Marko Andrijič built the bell-tower and Saint Mark Cathedral.



Inside the city walls are in full harmony alternating rows of gothical and renesance houses, palaces, churches, streets and squarres. In their corners are many parts cultural heritage in many musees, galeries and collections.



The main street of the city built in the shape of a heart are leading by the centre of the old town. On them are conected nearby streets, thats way is Korčula looking like fish bone. Originaly was the city castellated by high city walls and connected with island drawbridge. Inside was possible to come in only two ways. One of the legends about Korčula says, Marco Polo, the famous traveller and discoverer was born here. In the year 1298 was Marco in venetian services taking part nearby Korčula in a battle against Janov Republic.



The battle reason was the important marine way and the town Korčula. If you visit the town dont skip to visit Saint Mark Cathedral, City Museum, Palace Arnerie or some palace in gothical venetian style. Korčula offers many shops, vinnery, restaurants and excellent caffe shops.


This unique knights dance is a memory from the 15. century. There was a times of long wars and battles in meditterian area between christians and members other confessions.



Moreška a dance once widely distributed in many parts of meditteran was in original form more than 400 yaers preserved only at Korčula and is nowaday worthy represented this city. The „game“ is a an alegory of fight between two armies of „red“ and „black“ king which are fighting for „Bula“ – a young and prettty girl. She was originally the fiancée of red king, but the black one kidnapped her.



Beautiful entry with swords is filled up originally orchestral music, componed for this game, which is coming out from maur basics. If you visit Korčula, dont missed the oportunity to see this charakteristic ancient dance.

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