East Bay (Prišćapac)


Position: shore dive, directly from the Diving centre at Priščapac

Depth: 1 - 18 metres

Attractions: adriatic coastal fauna and flora



East Bay we call the dive when our fins are finning from the centre on the peninsula Prišćapac eastward along the Korčula coast. The dive as otherwise starts right on the beach where is the water entry comfortable and easy. After submerge, you'll direct it to the shore stretching underneath our apartment complex. Probably during the construction, earthworks, or other landscaping was sweept in water more boulders and rock mass along the coast.

With this mass of material, today we have a few tens of meters long "Hadrian's Wall". Here we can along the coast observe fish, crabs and often, especially during sunset and moray eels, which love such a similar terrain. For orienteering on it can also help a pipeline, from which the hotel draws the final "product" of a sewage treatment plant far into the sea.



After end of the Wall, you can move further eastward and observe life under the surface of the Adriatic Sea. A special experience are schools of silvery Pic´s, Šarag´s or Fratar´s as are their names in Croatian. Fearless are mainly yellow-striped Salpa. Similarly, the rugged terrain at thy left hand is interesting in its recess cavity coast.

View is worth every hole as many hidden reportedly said very intelligent octopus. These cephalopod eye blink able to search for the particular openings facing the banked amount of empty shells of tiny stones. More times while swimming the rocky ridges, built on the edge of the rocks and reminiscent of "crocodile tail".

After about 15-18 minutes of swimming before you will appear a vertically erect rock in the shape of a human palm with outstretched fingers . We called it "Hercules hand". Towards the coast its surroundings are a small bay with a shallow bottom. Interesting is its color, the brightness of surrounding rocks and the overall atmosphere.



After we move further east a turnaround follows. In order to have somewhat changed the environment, we lead our route while swimming back to centre in more depth. The bottom here is a little less rocky with some sandy sections. On the left hand was the sea Neptune grass gardens, so you'll be able to watch both environments simultaneously. With luck, you can discover under the stone a sleeping ray, or squid patroling over the grass.

The sense of space and orientation of the way back will help return to you the already mentioned sewer pipe and concrete bases our mooring buoys.

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